ADA — As time nears for Colorado-based foundation Group Workcamp to begin working on homes that need repairs around the Pontotoc County area, Tri-CountyOK, sponsor of the week-long camp, is needing volunteers for the week of and prior to the camp.

"Monday is when the pre-group, the staff positions come in," Amy Childers-Elliott, interim director of Tri-CountyOK said. "The camp starts on June 26, with the campers arriving on the 25th. We need some people to volunteer, and ladders are what I need the most. Any type of ladders, just something that we can borrow. We need a total of 75, and these are just to borrow and will be given back."

According to Elliott, approximately 433 young adults have registered to repair several homes around Pontotoc County. They will be housed at Ada Junior High School for the week.

Group Workcamps Foundation was formed in 1977 with the Colorado Flood Disaster Recovery Workcamp. Since the inception, thousands of young men and women and adult leaders have participated in hundreds of workcamps throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Elliott said that some jobs that are needing to be filled are set up volunteers the week before camp, greeters on June 25, medical assistants, receptionists and a cookies and punch sponsor for the week of camp. Project advisors are also needed, along with people for ladder delivery and return, material deliveries, material pickup and site cleanup. A clean up crew and contingency finish crew are also requested for the week after camp. "Anyone can be a volunteer," Elliott said.

For more information on becoming a volunteer or donating a ladder for use during the week, contact Elliott at (580) 310-9300.

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