Jack Fork Cemetery is a historical site in the Jack Fork community, about eight miles south of Ada. The cemetery has been the final resting place for freedmen slaves for over 132 years. 

It was a well-known cemetery established for the black community and, over time, it has begun to deteriorate.

In 1957, the cemetery was vandalized. Headstones were broken and monuments toppled from their bases, but a few still remain. The names on the headstones are barely legible, covered with grass and moss caused from a lack of care. The cemetery has been largely forgotten and overlooked over the years.

The Jack Fork Cemetery Association is a nonprofit organization formed by the descendants of the many souls laid to rest there. The association is comprised of friends who genuinely care about the condition of the cemetery. On behalf of the association, in order to preserve the cemetery, donations are being sought to restore this important part of area history.

Any help readers may provide will be greatly appreciated.

For more information or to make a donation, call Adrian Rogers at (918) 592-0086 or send an email to jackfork18@yahoo.com.