ADA – Mary Jo Green announced Monday that she will seek re-election to the Chickasaw Tribal Legislature, Pontotoc District, Seat 5.

Green is seeking her fourth term on the tribal legislature. She was elected to her first three-year term in 1998, then re-elected in 2001 and 2004.

“It has been my consistent goal to serve the Chickasaw people well and to respond to the needs of the people I represent,” Green said. “We have accomplished many good things together. I look forward to serving the people once again.”

Green has been a champion of expanded health care services and elder programs. She serves as chairman of the legislature’s Health Care Committee and has supported new health care programs, as well as development of the new Chickasaw Nation hospital and medical complex.

“The people I represent consistently tell me health care is a top issue,” Green said. “With the development of the new hospital, clinics and expanded staffing, I believe we are providing the health care excellence Chickasaw people want and deserve.” A longtime supporter of elder services, Green opened the first tribal senior site in Ada in 1981. She has been a key advocate for elders throughout the years.

“When I see a Chickasaw elder enjoying a healthy lunch and socializing with other elders at one of our senior sites, it makes my heart leap with joy,” Green said.

Green has been also been a proponent of education and housing programs, and she has supported well-considered tribal business growth.

“Our vital tribal businesses now provide funding for the vast majority of the important programs and services Chickasaws count on every day,” Green said. “I support good, solid tribal businesses. Our businesses provide jobs, careers and great opportunities for Chickasaw people.”

During her most recent term, Green has voted “yes” for the new tribal hospital, for the new pharmacy refill center, for expanded Chickasaw-specific health care funding, for expanded prescription medication access, for expansion of education scholarships and grants, and for new senior sites and elder programs.

Green was born on her mother’s allotment near Fitzhugh.

  She and J.L. Green were married in 1951 at Ada. The Greens have two children, Jess and Melissa, and three grandchildren.

The Greens are members of Sunshine Missionary Baptist Church. The couple lives in Ada.


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