Firefighters from five departments responded to a large grass fire near Oil Center Friday that threatened four homes and damaged two.

Randy Mitchell - Ada, Oklahoma

A raging grass fire threatened four homes and damaged two near Oil Center Friday.

The fire started just after 2 p.m near County Road 1480. A caller told central dispatch the fire was moving fast and near her and her neighbor’s home. Firefighters arrived shortly afterwards and began battling the blaze.

Firefighters worked on containing the fire around the two homes first as it quickly spread to the east, threatening several other homes. It jumped State Highway 3W and blazed a path toward another residence. Firefighters from several departments arrived and doused the fire before it reached the house.

One of the first two homes received minor damage to the roof overhang above the brick siding. Another residence, a double-wide mobile home, received more damage, including melted vinyl skirting and siding.

The fire got under the dwelling, causing damage and filling the home with smoke. No residents were in the home at the time of the blaze, forcing firefighters to kick the door in to gain entry.

Soon afterward, one firefighter rescued the family’s wiener dog. Firefighters from Oil Center, Vanoss, Pickett, Ada and Bureau of Indian Affairs responded and were able to contain the fire. Pontotoc County Emergency Management Director Chad Letellier said he had never seen a fire move so fast with such little wind.

Dry conditions and tall grass helped to fuel the fire. Video footage of the fire may be viewed at

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