ADA — Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association recently selected Dewey Gandy, Ada, to serve as the AOPA Airport Network volunteer for the Ada Municipal Airport.

"What the AOPA has done is enlisted volunteers for every airport that's in the nation," Gandy said. "What they do is advocate and promote general aviation, which is primarily private aviation, including corporate aviation and they certainly want to keep our airports open and see growth there."

According to, the AOPA is the largest association in the world and provides services that range from representation at a local, state and federal levels to legal services, advice and other assistance.

"Some airports aren't represented and you typically have to be nominated by someone who knows you, who think you'd be a good volunteer member," Gandy said. "I was nominated by Glen Tomlinson and I also own a business at the airport, which is Ada Aircraft Painting."

Some of Gandy's duties will be to attend airport commission meetings and alert the association of any new buildings or projects that may interfere with the airport.

"My role primarily is a liaison between the airport and the association," he said. "I provide them with any information that might help us, in terms of grants or if we have somebody that might want to build a tower that's going to encroach on our airport. They will lobby to help us to ban any construction that might impede progress at the airport. It's basically to promote general aviation."

Gandy said he was a good candidate to be selected for this volunteer position.

"I'm kind of a natural for it," he said. "I have a business right there, I'm an interested party; I'm a pilot, I own an aircraft there and I fly. I certainly want to see growth at the airport because it's my livelihood.

Gandy said that his position as a volunteer for the AOPA is uncertain.

"It's indefinite," he said. "I can leave that position anytime I choose to or if they choose not to have me as their volunteer, but it's an indefinite time period in terms of how long it's for."

He also said that his position is simply to keep the interest of the airport at hand.

"I'm not a watchdog, making sure that nobody's doing what they're not supposed to be doing, that's not really my job," he said. "My job is to be a spokesperson to promote general aviation."

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