Oklahoma continues to produce several important talented artists to the country music genre, and Ada native Rebecca Frederick seems to be easing her way into the country spotlight.

Growing up in the South American country of Argentina while her parents worked as missionaries, the talented singer was given a chance to interact with different cultures and ideas.

"For me it was home," Frederick said about being raised in Argentina. "The most important part to me is growing up in a Christian home. It was very sheltered, I had a very sheltered upbringing."

At the age of 4, Frederick began to mimic her three older sisters and mother by singing in church, which eventually led to doing harmonies and solos. During this time, she also learned to sing in both English and Spanish.

"My sisters and I would sing with my mom in a lot of churches. That got me started with music at a young age," she said. "My parents are American, so we grew up speaking English and everywhere else we spoke Spanish."

While most children are learning to interact with others, Frederick was taking to the stage at age 6 as Cossette in a production of "Les Miserables." The production ran for nine shows with people traveling from other countries just to watch.

Shortly after, the Frederick family began to receive family videos from relatives in the U.S. that contained country music, instantly stirring interest in Rebecca. Their time in Argentina came to a close, however, after Rebecca completed the 6th grade. The family decided to make a move back to the U.S., choosing to live in Ada. She saw the move as something positive.

"I was so excited, first of all, because I knew that people wore cowboy boots here," she said. "Also, we had friends here who had a horse."

Enrolling in Byng Schools, Frederick excelled in drama and music performances. She earned roles in productions such as "Grease," "God's Favorite," and "Our Hearts Were Young," before graduating and attending ECU on a full Spanish scholarship, majoring in Theater.

Since that time, Frederick has married and moved to Nashville to work on a debut album.

"It's exciting, but hard work," she said of the process of putting together an album. "It's kind of a rude awakening. As for the recording process, I love it. The album will be at least 50 percent my songs I've written, and we're still shopping around for the last couple of songs right now."

Aside from the necessary hardships of piecing together a full-length album, Frederick cited another situation that is harder to handle.

"The hardest thing about the whole process is living in Nashville, away from everyone I love," she said. "You think that once you sign with a label and start working, you think you've got it easy, but really it's really only the beginning. I'm paying my dues right now."

In addition to missing family members, she also said she missed a staple in Ada's community. "A Folger's burger!" she enthusiastically said. "I called one of my friends and asked if they could go down there and eat one for me."

Frederick will be featured in an interview during the Academy of Country Music Awards May 23. The show will be hosted by another Oklahoma native, Reba McEntire, in Las Vegas.

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