RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif. — Former Adan Terry Wilcox was recently honored for his work with the Kraft Nabisco Championship and Ladies Professional Golf Association by having a pool named for him at the Mission Hills Country Club.

Kraft Food's vice president of customer development Denny Belcastro and Chuck Feddersen, general manager of Mission Hills Country Club, unveiled a commemorative plaque at a dedication April 1 within sight of the statue of Dina Shore greeting oncoming golfers officially placing “Poppy's Pond” into the annals of golf history.

“Since 1994 Terry has served exceptionally as the tournament director of the Kraft Nabisco Championship which this year enjoys its 35th anniversary,” said Nancy Lopez, golf champion. “Kraft decided that this historic tournament milestone would be the perfect opportunity to establish an appropriate, lasting recognition for this very special sportsman and loving family man.”

Dubbed “Poppy's Pond,” the pool is part of Champions Lake which surrounds the 18th (finishing) hole of the event. Wilcox is known as “Poppy” to his seven grandchildren. The pool is concrete lined, maintained to a swimming pool level with a continuously-replenished supply of fresh water. The pond is five feet deep at the center and extends about 60 feet on either side of the bridge golfers use to reach the island green.

With a tradition which calls for the tournament winner to jump into the water, the newest member of the exclusive Ladies of the Lake sorority will not have a worry on her mind about the quality of the water awaiting her plunge, or, to put it another way, there's no mud.

“I truly thank you, Terry, in the name of all those ladies who will be immeasurably more happy to make the plunge from here on out,” Lopez said. The ladies are given championship robes to don after taking the plunge.

"Over the past 35 years, the Kraft Nabisco Championship has witnessed the steady growth of women's golf, including substantial increases in prize money, the number and quality of sponsors on the LPGA Tour, and the emergence of exciting new talent,” said Terry Wilcox, Kraft Nabisco Championship tournament director.

“We’ve also weathered many changes of our own, starting off the first year as a 54-hole tournament and eventually growing in status and stature until the LPGA designated us as a major tournament in 1983,” he said. “The Kraft Nabisco Championship benefited enormously from the popularity and patronage of Dinah Shore for the first 22 years of its history. Since her passing, we have honored her many contributions to women’s golf while ensuring the tournament’s long-term viability amidst the reality of today’s professional sports world.”

“Terry has been a good friend of mine, both personally and professionally, for many, many years and has been an advocate of women's golf for his entire career,” Lopez said. “He has championed our issues in a variety of venues, both public and private, including multiple terms of service on the TSA board of directors.

“His interest in women's sports really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who knows that he has six beautiful granddaughters and a very handsome grandson.”