Forensic experts were called by the prosecution Wednesday to testify in the retrial of Glen Dale Gore for the murder of Debra Sue Carter in 1982. Testimonies covered results of testing from blood, semen and DNA profiling of evidence collected at the crime scene 24 years ago. The DNA evidence was compared to Carter, Gore, Dennis Friz, Ron Williamson, and a third suspect, Ricky Simmons.

Microscopically analyzed in 1982, hairs from the crime scene were inaccurately identified as coming from Dennis Fritz and Ron Williamson. The two were convicted of Carter's murder in 1988.

"What is so shocking is that the error rate in the microscopic analysis done in the 80s was subjective," said Richard M. Wintory, special prosecutor for the Gore trial. "The analyst was influenced by being told who the suspects were."

DNA testing results turned those findings upside down and Fritz and Williamson were freed after spending 16 years behind bars.

According to experts, at least five hairs and semen found in the apartment where Carter was found brutally sexually assaulted and murdered were identified through DNA testing as belonging to Gore.

Meghan Clements, executive director of LABCORP in North Carolina, said if an investigator collects and correctly handles evidence, testing can reveal how long its been there and how it got there.

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