Fired city clerk/treasurer Janice Gimlin attended a Tuesday evening council meeting.

Following a roll call in which City Mayor Bob Penrod omitted her name, Gimlin corrected him.

“I believe, in your call to order, you left out that the city clerk/treasurer is here,” Gimlin said.

“Well, you’re not supposed to be here,” Penrod said.

Council voted to accept the town auditor’s report.

Item five on the agenda was an executive session regarding the lawsuit Gimlin brought against the city.  City councilor Todd McCaskill made a motion to allow Roff’s attorney, James Graves, to speak with Gimlin’s attorney, Kurt Sweeney, regarding a settlement.  The motion passed.

Council also approved an amended answer and counter-claim against Gimlin.

“The counter-suit was going to be, basically, for neglection of duties and where she took the purchase orders and paperwork from the city hall,” McCaskill said.

Gimlin and her attorney claim she cannot be fired because she is an elected official.

Following executive session regarding, “Roff Police Department issues,” no action was taken.

During discussion on the court clerk report, Penrod said the court clerk did some real estate work for Roff.  He made a motion to reimburse the court clerk for her real estate license and certificates at a cost of $375.

“I think that’s illegal,” Gimlin said.

“Well, it might be illegal.  There’s a lot of things that are illegal,” Penrod said.  He then withdrew his motion and instructed the court clerk to figure up the hours she put in on real estate work for the town.

“We’ll whip that dad-blamed dog right now,” he said.

Councilors discussed designating an area at the post office for handicapped individuals but no action was taken.  Councilors also discussed proper procedures to report injuries and illnesses in the work place.

“We got a little visit from the Department of Labor,” Penrod said.  He said the visit was regarding reports sent in to the department from 2008 and 2009.

“They decided they’d better come down and check,” he said.  “Basically all this is, is to keep tabs on workers’ comp and injuries.”

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