ADA — Fire danger still remains high across the state of Oklahoma. Extended drought, unusually warm temperatures and winds have combined to make Oklahoma’s timber and grasslands extremely dry. In addition, large fuels, such as big branches, logs, and downed trees, are still very dry inside and will burn with great intensity.

Keep in mind that dry vegetation – both living and dead - is easily ignited. Think before you act. Consider that the following objects and activities can start a wildfire, destroying homes, threatening lives and damaging our natural resources.

4 Sparks from chainsaws

4 Tossed cigarettes

4 Hot vehicle exhaust systems

4 Unattended debris burning

4 Abandoned campfires

4 Discarded fireworks

4 Welding, cutting or grinding

Burn bans may be in effect in some areas. Make sure you know what the current regulations are by contacting your local fire department, Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, (405) 522-6147 or Chickasaw Agency, (580) 436-0784.

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