One more time a faulty headlight has led to serious drug troubles for a local motorist.

This time it was officer Burt Page of the Ada Police Department spotting the deficient headlight as he patrolled the 200 block of North Mississippi Avenue just after midnight Tuesday morning.

As the officer traveled north he saw a white 1975 Ford Thunderbird with the defective headlamp.

It was driven by a man named Trey Allen Coody, 20, who listed a Sleepy Hollow Trail home address.

As Page approached the vehicle he had just pulled over, he said he noticed a strong odor of marijuana. His report also said Coody’s eyes appeared to be red.

Page asked Coody when he last smoked marijuana. “Just a few minutes ago before I left the parking lot where I work,” Page reported Coody as saying.

As for the man’s driver’s license and insurance, Coody searched periodically for his insurance, but kept getting distracted, Page said. At one point he stopped looking  so he could send a text message, Page said.

Eventually, Page told him to stop looking.

Page asked Coody if he had taken any prescription medications.

“Four or five hours ago,” Coody is reported to have answered.

It was determined Coody’s medication was a combination of acetaminophen 300 and codeine 30. 

Coody didn’t have a license, he told the officer, because his had been suspended.

“Based on Coody’s physical appearance, the strong odor of marijuana, his inability to stay focused and his own admissions, I advised him he would also be charged with Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana.”  

He was read the Implied Consent form and asked if he would take the State’s test. Page quoted Coody as saying, “No, it doesn’t matter.”

Officer Kevin Heck of APD inventoried the Ford Thunderbird and had Boyd’s Wrecker Service impound the vehicle.

Coody was transported to the Pontotoc County Justice Center where he was booked on suspicion  of all of the above.

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