Gladiolus Club

ADA — The Gladiolus Club of Ada met Oct. 4 in the home of Evelyn Keefer. The home was beautifully decorated in autumn colors.

The meeting was called to order by the club president Nina Davis. Joyce Craig read the treasurer’s report and led the group in the creed and pledge. Minutes were given by Emogene Miller.

A report was given on the two redbud trees that were planted in Ada this Spring. Both trees are growing and still alive after our hot summer.

Hints on the care of outside plants were given. Suggestions were also given on watering and how to keep pets out of flower beds.

Refreshments were served by the hostess Evelyn Keefer to Joyce Craig, Jane Curry, Mona Davis, Sallye Holford, Marjo Hudson, Emogene Miller, Jo Lee Tipton, and Doris West and Nina Davis.

Members were reminded that the next meeting will be November 8th with Emogene Miller as hostess.


Happy Elders

ADA — The Happy Elders of Asbury United Methodist Church met Tuesday, Oct. 10, for a covered-dish luncheon in the Family Life Center. The group sang “Happy Birthday” to Lorene Ballard. Joe Jared offered the prayer.

Those attending were Wilma Asendorf, Billy Tate, Marjorie Sneed, Paul Landrith, Charlotte Landrith, Lattie Jones, Ethel Jones, Glenna Hunt, Orval Ballard, Lorene Ballard, Nancy Phillips, Mary Murray, Joyce Jared, Joe Jared, Barbara Quinton, J.E. Quinton, Jean Watson, Lowell Watson, Eddy Ballard, Merle Ballard, Anita Arbabi, Barbara Walters, Betty Binkley, John Binkley and Carol Reich.

Ada Writers Club

ADA — The Ada Writers Club met Sept. 17, 2006, in the offices of Braly, Braly and Coyne. Since a copy of the minutes was not available, members attending voted to accept them in absentia.

Since not all members were present, regular business was suspended in favor of a more informal atmosphere. Next month discussions will be held concerning the subscription to Writers Digest and the Hastings book-signing event. Matt Champine informed the group that he had spoken with the assistant manager at Hastings and they requested more information. An effort will be made to contact those members who have not turned in their artwork to Champine. Lindewe Hall-Coon suggested the club consider a December date for the event, possibly the fourth or the tenth in order to make book copies available for gift-giving by the public. The matter will be discussed when more members are present.

Dania Deschamps-Braly promised she would have a transcript of her adventure in Thunderbird Lake Park available for the next meeting she attends. During the October meeting, she will be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. She informed members that she will be taking a six day safari before embarking on the climb. Everyone sympathized with her having to sleep in tents most of the time. She said she will be keeping a journal of her progress for members’ enjoyment. Mention was made of the difficulties involving traveling with the various pieces of equipment necessary for her trip.

A discussion took place with members comparing the differences in today’s air travel and that experienced by those traveling years ago. Security was not an issue during those times, but the matter of air borne bacteria in the recycled air remains unchanged. Deschamps-Braly said it makes you want to hold your breath.

Lindewe Hall-Coon informed members that her book "Roses" has been edited and sent to Maverick Publications in Houston, Texas. This book is the final in her series, the others being entitled, "Roses Have Thorns" and "Roses Will Bloom." She continues to work on her book concerning the violent murders in this area.

Billy Jack will report on his meeting with the Chickasaw Printing Press for the October meeting. He recalled walking from derrick to derrick in his youth and visiting the world’s largest worm farm. He informed members of the likelihood that many generations of the original worms may still reside in this area.

Aren Howell was instructed to telephone the Ada Library and inform them of the club’s current meeting place and time. They have been helpful in the past for giving information to any person interested in joining the Ada Writers Club.

Dorothy Patterson reported she has given her latest short story to her niece who is helpful in editing the works. She is hoping to write about Buffalo Bill and Pawnee Bill whom she met when she was eleven.

Champine gave a presentation entitled: How Clear Is the Window of Your Writing? He provided colorful graphics in line with his information. Just as a picture window does not get in the way of the view, a clear style of writing (usually fiction or journalism) does not get in the way of the story. There is a tale to be told and the writer does not impose narration or opinions although characters within the work may express such. Similarly, fancy leaded windows are made to be looked at as much as looked through. In writing, this can mean narration, non-standard structure, or other artistic touches with which the writer "dresses up" the work as true literature.

Members present were Matt Champine, Dania Deschamps-Braly, Lindewe Hall-Coon, Aren Howell, Billy Jack and Dorothy Patterson.

The next meeting is Oct.15 at 2:30 p.m. at Prairie Kitchen. For those who wish to remain members of Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc. or join the OWFI for the first time, dues will be collected at this meeting.  The challenge is to find examples of the writing styles outlined in Champine’s presentation. All interested folk are invited.

Farm Bureau

ADA — The Farm Bureau Women’s Committee met at 7 p.m. Oct. 9 at the Farm Bureau office. Mildred West, chairman, presided.

The Flag Salute was led by Christy Smith. Kathryn Floyd gave the devotional on “Speak God’s Mind.” She then led the prayer. Janet Gibson read the minutes and gave the treasurer’s report. Both were approved as read. Used magazines were brought to be give to the Veteran’s Hospital in Sulphur.

Kathryn Floyd talked about her trip to Fort Wayne, Ind., Sept. 28-30 where she attended a meeting of the Country Women of the World. She talked about speakers from different countries and how they are coping with their problems.

A report was given on the Citizenship Seminar at Latta School Sept. 18 at 2 p.m. About 45 students attended the program on what it was like to serve the country in World War II. Actual footage of a rescue at sea was shown. The principal also talked about what it means to be a good citizen.

The Annual Farm Bureau meeting and dinner was held at the Agri-Plex Sept. 19 at 6 p.m. The Women’s Committee provided a basket of items which were given away as a door prize. Kathryn Floyd gave the memorial for members who had died during the past year. Janet Gibson gave the Women’s Committee report and recognized Heath and Natalie Briggs as the Farm Family. Several resolutions were voted on to be sent to the State Farm Bureau for consideration.

The Book of Events was completed and will be sent to the state for competition. Upcoming events are the State convention in Tulsa Nov. 10-12 and the State Women’s Rally near Tahlequah Dec. 1-2.

Those attending were Christy Smith, Mildred West, Kathryn Floyd, Janet Gibson and Helen Denslow. The next meeting is Nov. 13 at 7 p.m. at the Farm Bureau office.

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