The Pontotoc County Farm Bureau held its annual dinner and meeting last month at the Ada Agri-plex. The organization gave annual reports, awarded scholarships, awarded door prizes and discussed policy resolutions they’d like to see implemented in 2009.

Proposed resolutions for 2009 include:

— Support of any ruling that would not allow the bonding out of someone arrested for a crime who is already out on bond from a previous arrest.

— Support of legislation that will place college/university tuition fees directly with the State Legislature and not be delegated to school regents.

— Support of alternative plans for the development, use and conservation of energy for the nation.

— A recommendation that primary run-off elections be eliminated in the state.

— Favor of the present federal and state laws pertaining to immigration and feel those laws should be enforced to the fullest extent.

— Support of a system that would not allow the exposure of individual social security numbers on public records to the public, via the internet or other means.

All policies adopted by the Farm Bureau and lobbied for on every level of government start at the ground floor and are brought up by real people. Policies recommended from all county offices are then presented to district offices. Those that are adopted by district offices are brought up to the state level and the national and so on. This method of grass-roots policy-creation ensures that all policies represented by the Farm Bureau come from actual members on the ground-level.

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