By Justin Lofton

Staff Writer

ADA — When Tiffany Charles and her family returned from their vacation on the week of Easter, they hoped to get a few hours of rest before returning to their daily routine. 

Instead, they returned from Louisiana on April 5 to find their house ransacked.

“We went on vacation to Louisiana the week of Easter and we came home Monday night after Easter to find they had broken in.  They stole our TV, broke my printer and cut the cord on every single appliance that I have,” Charles said.  “They stole all of my jeans, all of my husband’s clothes, all of my underwear and all of my socks.”

A police report from the incident said Charles’ house was being checked on by a friend. On April 2, the friend discovered the house had been burgled.  Charles said the house was broken into on April 1.

“Subjects took a Sony Playstation III from the living room, along with a checkbook that was in a brown three-ring binder,” the report said.  “Subjects also threw the television on the floor and stomped the screen, leaving two footprints.”

Charles said the robbers also stole her son’s piggy bank, which contained around $800.  The police report said the piggy bank was under a blanket in the back bedroom.

“There was a gray two-tone truck with ‘4x4’ on the back panel that day and my neighbors seem to think they were unscrewing the lightbulb,” Charles said. 

She said the same truck was in her driveway earlier in the week while her niece was home.

“She opened the door and they were lighting a cigarette but when they saw her, they sped off really fast,” Charles said.

Charles said her niece described the truck as having a long bed and two doors and described the occupants as a black male and female.

She said she is offering up to $500 to the person who can lead her to her lost belongings.  Charles can be reached by phoning (580) 235-9242.

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