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This photograph is one of the five awards East Central University’s Communications and Marketing Department received at the Oklahoma College Public Relations Association’s annual conference.

The Ada News

Five awards were presented to members of East Central University’s Communications and Marketing Department July 11 at the state conference of the Oklahoma College Public Relations Association.

ECU won the first-place Grand Award in the Video Spot category with “ECU TV: Find Your Direction at ECU,” one of three ECU television commercials now airing throughout the state. It was developed by Amy Ford, director of Communications and Marketing, and ECU students Jacob Sircy of Goodwell and Jomain McKenzie of Clarendon, Jamaica.

ECU also won three third-place Achievement Awards and an Honorable Mention Award.

Jill Frye, assistant director of communications and marketing, won an Achievement Award in Full-Length Feature Writing for “Four-Star General – Gen. Thurman Takes on Largest Army Command.” The story about Gen. James T. Thurman, a 1975 ECU graduate, appeared in ECU’s alumni magazine, Columns.

Gina Smith, marketing coordinator, won an Achievement Award in Traditional Sports Photography for “The Pain of the Game,” a photo of ECU soccer player Brittany Grady colliding in midair with a visiting opponent from Texas Woman’s University as they both go for the ball.

ECU student Catrina Ellis of Stuart won an Achievement Award in Digitally Enhanced Photography for “Peace,” a photo of six hands positioned to form a peace sign.

Susan Ingram, administrative assistant, earned honorable mention in Logo Design/Graphic Identity for designing the logo for the Brandon Whitten Institute for Addiction and Recovery. The logo includes a representation of the phoenix, the mythical bird that is burned to death but arises from the ashes as a new, young phoenix to live again.

The annual competition drew 500 entries in writing, design and photography submitted by communications and marketing professionals from more than 20 state and private colleges and universities.

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