ADA — After 10 years as East Central University Police Chief, Darrell Nemecek said goodbye Thursday to his career in law enforcement and retired to pursue his calling in politics.

Nemecek has served the community in varying capacities over the years and is currently a three-year member of Ada’s City Council. For two years Nemecek has served on the Legislative Committee for the Oklahoma Municipal League and held the office of Ada’s mayor for two years. Prior to his position at ECU, Nemecek worked with Ada Police Department for 25 years. He retired from the department where he held the rank of major as Ada’s Assistant Chief.

Originally from Noble, Nemecek came to Ada during the 1960s to attend the University and decided to call Ada home. He met his wife Conna, who was also ironically from Noble, while in college in Ada. They couple married in 1972 and have two daughters, Aimee and Heather, and a son-in-law, Chad.

Nemecek’s love for public service began back then when he served as an ECU student officer. Nemecek said, “State Representative Paul Roan and I were partners out here (ECU) during school, then he went off to the Highway Patrol and I went to Ada PD.”

He explained his original desire for life was to become a teacher in industrial arts and he obtained a degree in Science Education. Conna remained in education and has taught within the Byng School system for 20 years.

Nemecek did in fact teach for a time. He said, “I taught school during the day then went on duty as a police officer with Ada and worked nights on the midnight shift.”

“I look at it as coming around full circle,” he laughed, “now that I am retiring as chief.”

“This community’s law enforcement works so well together, I really enjoyed being a part of it. The city, county, campus, and Lighthorse all work towards a common positive goal and I feel that speaks well for everyone.”

After retirement, Nemecek said he will be focusing all energies towards running for state representative. “I’ve enjoyed serving the people of this community as a police officer and City Council member and now I want to continue to do that as a state legislator in District 25.” He said, “I am taking this seriously enough that I am retiring from being a state employee so I can focus on that full time.”

Nemecek said, “I’ve enjoyed working with everyone here and am looking forward to a new chapter in my life.”

“Now I can focus on rural Oklahoma and look forward to helping and meeting folks out in the district.”

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