ADA — Traditional piano lessons usually strike a sour note with busy adults, but there is a method that could have some aspiring musicians tickling the ivories in no time.

Instead of focusing on reading music and notes, the Chord Approach Method teaches students to recognize chords. The chord method works when students see a chord symbol on their music and they play the same three or four notes in succession instead of reading the music, said Terry Maddock, who has taught piano for almost three decades.

“I can teach anybody, but not everybody learns it. It’s an attitude. If you’ll commit to some practice time each week, you’ll get it!”

The East Central University Continuing Education Program will offer two piano workshops on April 24-25 from 6-9 p.m. each evening.. “Easy Piano for Hopelessly Busy People” will teach students a simple formula for building all chords.

These same chords will be used in the follow-up workshop “Piano by Ear – You Don’t Have to be Born With It!” Once you learn the chords you need for a few songs, you know the chords you’ll need for all the music you enjoy.

If you’ve always wanted to play the piano but can’t seem to fit a weekly lesson into your already hectic schedule, you’ll love these workshops. The fun and excitement starts the minute you walk into the classroom!

Pre-registration is required by phoning (580) 310-5457 or (800) 448-7386 for more information.

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