ADA—Early Wednesday morning, dust billowed near the intersection of Latta Road and Main Street. Concrete dust had spilled out of a truck transporting cement kiln dust and settled onto the roadway.

“The dust was about 10 to 12 inches thick,” a witness to the mess on the road said.

Ada firefighters, Ada city workers and Chickasaw Nation Lighthorse police responded to the scene. According to radio traffic, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation was notified to assist with the cleanup.

The spilled dust was reportedly non-hazardous, a spokesperson from Holcim said.

“We were notified of a situation involving a customer vehicle that was leaving our plant carrying non-hazardous cement kiln dust,” a statement released from Holcim said. The dust is a byproduct of the cement manufacturing process and is used in road stabilization and construction projects.

“After leaving our plant, some of the dust spilled out of the customer’s truck onto the road,” the statement said. “As soon as we were made aware of that situation, we contacted the appropriate authorities to clean up the dust. We also suspended shipments of cement kiln dust to that customer until the cause of this situation is identified.

“Right now, we are carefully reviewing the circumstances that led to this issue.”

The company said a detailed program is already in place for all drivers who pick up cement kiln dust from the facility.

“We expect those drivers to follow appropriate procedures when transporting these kinds of shipments,” the statement continued. “While the dust is not hazardous, we regret any inconvenience that may have been created for our neighbors.”

The concrete dust was cleared from the roadway in a matter of hours.

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