Lethargy and vomiting were the order of the day for two Adans who smoked something that perhaps they shouldn’t have.

The strange incident occurred Tuesday at an apartment complex in the 1300 block of North Oak. Ada Police Officer Brian Engel responded to a 911 call of “two individuals having medical problems after smoking a synthetic substance.”

Engel said when he arrived he discovered a 21-year-old man “sitting on a couch with vomit on his chest and he appeared to be very intoxicated.”

The second man, a 19-year-old from Ada, was located in a separate apartment and was conscious but did not appear to be as intoxicated as the first man.

Two other men at the scene — who were sober and friends with the other two — handed Engel a package of Diablo incense and said it was what the two had smoked. The two impaired men refused to be taken to the hospital by EMS and said their friends would take them.

“The package of incense was taken as evidence,” Engel said.

Because there were no arrests or charges, the names of the “incensed” have been withheld.

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