A Tupelo man was charged with a crime after authorities followed a trail to locate a trailer stolen from the Homer area.

Theodore Jacob Benfer, 18, was charged last week with grand larceny more than $1,000 after he reportedly stole a trailer from property near the intersection of County Road 3660 and CR 1540, according to an affidavit filed by Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Deputy Brent Rhoads.

On Oct. 11, Rhoads and Deputy Richard Teel responded to a call from the owner of the trailer, Walter Morris. The trailer was loaded with 30 rolls of 12 feet long T-posts and four to six rolls of square game fence. He gave the deputies a description of the trailer — all the tires were flat — and said its approximate value, along with other items, was $6,000.

“When we went to the location of the theft, there were visible signs indicating the trailer was being pulled on the rims of the trailer while leaving the property,” Rhoads said in the affidavit. “We proceeded to follow the tracks west on CR 1540 to CR 3640 where they turned south to CR 1560. The tracks then went east on CR 1540 to CR 3670.”

Rhoads said the tracks led to a dirt road where they lost track of the marks.

“I then contacted Deputy Nick Davis with the Coal County sheriff’s office and told him of the stolen trailer,” Rhoads said. “Before Deputy Davis went off duty, he notified Deputy Bobby Hatton. Hatton began looking for tracks in the area.”

Rhoads said Hatton located a set of tracks leading to a pasture on County Road NS367 in Coal County where deputies found the trailer. The land belongs to Benfer’s father.

“Deputy Hatton contacted me later in the night and told me they had spoken with (Benfer) and he wrote out a statement admitting to taking the trailer,” Rhoads said.