By Randy Mitchell

City Editor


ADA — Two people were stabbed Tuesday while they slept and Ada police have launched a manhunt.

The stabbings occurred at a residence in the 500 block of W. 13th at 4:39 a.m. Police identified the victims as Jeremy Leslie and Juleigh Ann Dickerson. 

According to a press release from Ada police, the victims identified their attacker as Dickerson’s ex-boyfriend. Police did not identify the suspect and said they want to question him first. He has not been located.

“Before being transported to Valley View Regional Hospital Leslie reported to Officer Dewayne Campbell that it was Dickerson’s ex-boyfriend who had stabbed them as they lay in bed asleep,” the release said. “Leslie also told Officer Michael O’Connor that he heard the man saying, ‘That’s what you get for cheating on me b----.’”

The release said Dickerson and the suspect have an infant child together and she is 15-weeks pregnant, possibly by the suspect.

Detective Tracy Jackson said both victims were stabbed multiple times and were hospitalized. There is no word on conditions.

Anyone with information on the crime or the suspect can phone CrimeStoppers at 33CATCH or 332-2824 and remain anonymous.

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