OKLAHOMA CITY – Ada Mayor Donna York was named a member of the Oklahoma Conference of Mayors recently, joining a list of community leaders who have made the commitment to work through the conference to improve their communities as well as challenging conditions facing cities and towns across the state and nation.

“I am excited about becoming a part of OCOM and I look forward to helping Ada and other Oklahoma communities rise to new heights of service and quality of life,” York said.

OCOM was formed in 1991 as a bipartisan organization to represent the concerns of the state’s mayors. OCOM provides a vehicle for the development and implementation of programs of multi-jurisdictional cooperation between communities designed to lessen the burden on local government.

“Our municipal leaders have the understanding of the heartbeat of their communities and are expected to keep themselves updated with the issues within their communities,” said OCOM President and Pawnee Mayor Elzie Smith. “However, more and more they (mayors) are expected to also stay in touch with the issues at the state level and how those decisions will affect their citizens.”

York said she will work hard to keep that channel of communication open both ways.

“It’s important that our representatives at the State Capitol know what our cities and towns are going through, what we need, and what we want to see happen in the future,” she said. “And I also hope – through this OCOM membership – to keep local citizens informed of what’s being decided on the state level that may impact us.”

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