In a recent house fire, a young couple lost everything they had, including their pit bull, Snoop Dogg, who had been their companion for six years. The couple’s other dog, June Bug, was rescued.

Anyone wanting to help replace some of the items lost in the fire may contact Connie Sanders at 580-235-8807 after 5 p.m. on weekdays and anytime on weekends.

“I have a pickup and am willing to pick up donations. Donated items could be just sitting in your garage or you may have extra items you could spare. Everything is truly appreciated,” Sanders said.

Items needed include living room furniture, tables, lamps TV, rugs, kitchen towels, cooking utensils, coffee pot, bathroom towels, king size bed frame and bedding, pillows for three, full size bed and bedding, dressers, basic household tools, screwdrivers, hammer, dog items bed or old blankets, toys and dry dog food.

“All of your help and prayers will help us get our family back in place and we thank everyone for helping in advance. A rent house is nearly ready for them to move into, thanks to a very generous person in this town,” said Sanders.

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