Residents in a trailer park just outside of Ada are upset over a neighbor who allegedly shot a dog when children were near it.

The reported incident happened Saturday at Shady Oaks Trailer Park.

According to witnesses, a lady from a neighboring trailer park came over and shot a dog with a .22 caliber gun.

Kerrie Fuentes, a resident at Shady Oaks, said residents are upset with the response by authorities as well.

A Pontotoc County sheriff’s deputy was called to the scene but informed those involved it was a civil matter.

Fuentes said the dog was shot in the leg and lived, but one of the bullets traveled into the skirting of a trailer.

“(I believe) the police officer did not do his job,” Fuentes said. “I just want everyone to know. Is it going to take a child getting killed out here for somebody to do something?”

Sheriff John Christian said the woman who allegedly shot the dog claimed the dog she shot came over and fought with her dog.

The dog fight carried over into Shady Oaks Trailer Park so she went to get her dog who was still fighting and she was armed.

“The dog either bit her or tried to bite her and she shot it,” Christian said.

Christian said it is not illegal to shoot a dog if it is threatening a person or livestock.

“I think (Fuentes) has a legitimate concern with anybody discharging a firearm within that enclosure there, but due to it being a self protection type incident according to the lady who fired the shot, nothing was pursued on it,” Christian said.

Fuentes said the dog was not threatening the lady who shot it.

“This is not the first time this has happened in the trailer park,” Fuentes said. “Something has to be done to stop a person from shooting around children.”

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