ADA — Local D.A.R.E. program officers are concerned that a private company has come to Ada to solicit funds that do not reach the D.A.R.E. program in Pontotoc County.

“I was contacted by several people about how rude they were,” said Ada Police Officer Phillip Wood.

He said the state coordinator for D.A.R.E. has not received money this private company collected this year. The agreement for 20 percent of what they collect to go to the Oklahoma D.A.R.E. programs isn’t happening, Wood said.

“They have been soliciting for D.A.R.E. America and claim that some of the money goes into local programs and it isn’t.”

“I just don't want people to think they are helping me or Phillip or Lighthorse when they really aren't, especially right now when we are trying to get our murder mystery fundraiser to be a success,” said D.A.R.E. Deputy Connie Smith from the Pontotoc County Sheriff’s office.