The third annual “Cruising Main” was held Friday. 

It was a night of beautiful cars, McSwain Theatre playing “American Graffiti” and a sense of nostalgia for many  participants.

Several drawings took place as well as free giveaways donated by sponsors of the event. 

“It’s pretty cool to get to see all the new cars and the old cars, too,” said Ethan Jimenez, area resident. His sister, Angelle Jimenez, said her favorite part was to see some of the cars from before she was born. 

Jennifer Johnston, Ada Main Street program manager, said Cruising Main Street was “the thing we did. If you were in high school back then you could probably be found dragging Main. That was pretty typical going back over generations.”

Cars reved their engines, peeled out in a cloud of smoke and some were set out for display. 

Mike Worden brought his ‘73 Mach 1 Mustang to show, his third time doing so during Cruising Main.

Worden said he enjoys getting out, looking at the cars, talking to the people and listening to the sounds. 

Johnston says she believes everything went great.  “It was another sucessful Cruising Main and the city just really loves this event,” she said.

Johnston said some people like to dress up for the event. “We’ve got Elvis, Marilyn (Monroe) and Gene Simmons.”

Johnston said people come out, dress up and bring unique vehicles. “It is just a really great event.”

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