ADA — With continual snow fall yesterday and below freezing temperatures last night and this morning, residents in the Ada area are advised to drive carefully. Sanding crews from the city and county have tried to counteract the snow’s effects on the road. “They have been sanding nonstop,” said city of Ada Public Information officer Mark Bratcher. “The main roads all across town have been sanded, and many of the residential roads had been by early this morning.”

Many county roads and highways surrounding Ada have been sanded as well making driving much safer for those trying to get to work. “We have responded to a bunch of cars sliding off the road, but we haven’t had to work any accidents in Pontotoc County,” said Lieutenant Chris Roan, Oklahoma Highway Patrol Troop F. “Highways 7 and 177 are in pretty good shape and have been sanded pretty well, but the secondary roads in Sulphur are still pretty iced packed and slick. We have been extremely fortunate that we really haven’t had much at all accident wise,” Sulphur Police Chief David Pearo said. Stonewall is facing the same conditions with the main roads sanded by the county, but side roads remaining covered by snow. Coalgate reportedly has not had any weather related accidents.

Properly sanded roads have allowed many Ada services to continue. The Ada Post Office braved the weather yesterday and will again today to deliver the mail. “That’s what we are here for to get the mail delivered. We are glad to do it,” Ada Post Master Steven Gifford said. The city of Ada garbage service will also brave the weather. “The garbage service should run today, but it may take them longer than usual. So, people need to be patient,” Bratcher said. As the saying goes — “The show must go on.” The Nutcracker will still be performed twice Saturday, 2 p.m. and 8 p.m, at East Central University’s Dorothy Summers Theatre, despite the weather.

No matter how much sand is sprinkled on the streets of Ada and surrounding areas county and city officials advise drivers to take it slow. “People don’t need to get out if they don’t have to,” Stonewall Police Chief Jason Teal said.

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