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County Treasurer

Pontotoc County Treasurer Glenda Gonderman said her office’s primary function is tax collection.

Her office collects personal, property and real estate tax with the biggest portion of property taxes going to schools. 

“We get a tax roll from the county assessor and bill each property owner,” Gonderman said.  “The first half is due by Dec. 31.  The second half is due by March 31.”

Gonderman said her office is the banker for the county.

“Each office brings their deposit to us,” she said.  Money from each office is deposited with the treasurer’s office daily.  The treasurer’s office then deposits the money in the bank daily.

“If they have any checks that they need to register, they write the voucher, bring them to us, we register them and make sure the money is there to cover those vouchers,” she said.

The treasurer’s office keeps tax records for the county.

She said residents can pay taxes and check property taxes online at

“Residents can also get on and look up other information they might need for the treasurer’s office like deadlines and tax apportionment’s to the schools,” she said.

Gonderman said residents often mistakenly come to the treasurer’s office when they really need help from the assessor’s office.  Errors on property assessments and exemption applications are handled at the assessor’s office.

She began her career as a part-time employee for Vaskon White, former treasurer, in 1985.  She became a full time employee in 1987, first deputy in 1992 for Treasurer Thelma Hooper and treasurer in 2004.

“I’ve run unopposed for two elections,” she said.  “I love to serve the people of Pontotoc County.  I hope I can stay here until I can retire.”

She said she has a great group of employees who also love serving the public.

County Election Board Secretary

Pontotoc County Election Board Secretary Marilyn McDaniel’s office is the only county office that isn’t an elected position.

“My office is appointed by the state election board,” she said.

McDaniel’s office handles voting and voting registration rolls in the county.

Her office is also responsible for recruiting, training and scheduling precinct officials for elections.

“They make elections possible,” she said.  “If we didn’t have the people who go to the polls and work long hours, we couldn’t have election.”

McDaniel said she’s always been interested in the election process.

“My first paying job was handing out cards for candidates,” she said.  She has been Pontotoc County’s election board secretary for almost 21 years.

Cathleen Branscum, election board assistant secretary, said she’s a retired social studies teacher and understands the importance of the election process.

“I spent a great amount of time trying to get across the idea to students how important taking part in government and voting is,” Branscum said.  “It’s one of your rights and responsibilities as a citizen to vote.”

Branscum has been at the Pontotoc County election board for 2 and 1/2 years.

McDaniel said the county will be getting new voting devices and moving to a web-based system in the office.

“We’re currently converting our records,” she said.  She said the new voting devices will be up by the Presidential Primary of March 2012.

“We’re still going to have a paper ballot,” she said.  “That’s not going to change.  It’s just a quicker and more modern system.”

“It’ll be very much the same as far as the voters are concerned,” Branscum said.

McDaniel said redistricting is coming up and precinct lines will be redrawn by October.

“Depending on what changes State Senators, Representatives and county commissioners make, we have to redraw precinct lines,” she said.  “Our hope is they don’t make a lot of changes because we don’t want to have to move a lot of voters.”


County Treasurer

Glenda Gonderman

(580) 332-0183

Office:  First floor of the courthouse at 120 W. 13th Street


County Election Board Secretary

Marilyn McDaniel

(580) 332-4534

Office:  131 W. 13th Street

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