Pontotoc County Commissioners voted to nominate Chris Ross as Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma District Attorney of the Year at a Monday morning meeting.

“We appreciate (your service) because every time we’ve called you’ve been right there for the three of us,” Gary Starns, District 1 commissioner said.

Michael Echelle, Pontotoc County Health Department director said he has begun a light management system at the newly repaired health department parking lot to avoid attracting more sugarcane beetles.  The insects initially ate the joint sealant out of the parking lot, forcing county commissioners to declare an emergency and have the lot repaired before inclement weather set in.

“We got with the DA because if it started raining on the parking lot, we’d lose the whole parking lot,” he said.  He said the commissioners’ decision to hire a private contractor who is also an employee of the city of Ada had nothing to do with his affiliation with the city.

“We actually got phone quotes,” Starns said.  “We went with the cheapest one.”

Commissioners also discussed county funds being low for the current fiscal year.  County Clerk Pam Walker requested that commissioners send out a memo to county offices advising them to make economical use of their funds.

“(County offices) used to have to have their budgets to us by Sept. 1.  They moved that date back to Oct. 1, which moves everything that we do back a month, so we’re living off of what few carry-over monies we had from last year and what very few tax collections we’ve already got from this year,” Walker said.  “They haven’t even put out the tax collection bills yet.”

Commissioners resolved to send out a memo to that effect.

Commissioners also voted to allow Steve Stevens to set up a fireworks stand at Pontotoc County Agri-plex from Dec. 15, 2010, to Jan. 5, 2011 for a fee of $500.

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