ADA — A preliminary plat for the Woodridge Addition submitted by the Chickasaw Nation was reviewed and approved by Pontotoc County commissioners at their Monday meeting. Twelve single-family homes will be built on a cul-de-sac road named Fox Lane, south of 32nd Street on Kerr Lab Road. Lots are divided into one acre or more.

The acceptance and approval of an SLA grant for Emergency Management in the amount of $7,500 this year was made by commissioners. A Proclamation of Appreciation to the Pontotoc County Court Clerk was requested by Lynn Loftin in regards to the funds set aside to pay for utilities from district court funds.

Marilyn McDaniel, county election board secretary, said she needed additional funds to operate. Commissioners elected to address the needs in next meeting to allow time for the budget to be reexamined.

County commissioners had previously received a grant from the Department of Commerce to fund four homes to be built for low-income applicants. One of the homes will be located at Allen, one at Byng, one north of Gaar Corner and one at Stonewall.

Bids were accepted in the amount of $97,990 for two manufactured mobile homes from Tri-State Homes, Jim Russell, Inc. of Ardmore. The two homes are expected to be delivered in eight to twelve weeks.

Applicants buy their own land, and their five-year forgivable lien includes an inspection the first year to make sure the occupants are successfully maintaining the residence. If the applicant was occupying a trailer, then the grant requires a trailer be the replacement; if a structure is occupied by the applicant, then a new structure is built. There are some inkind expenses in preparation for the house by the county. The old housing is then demolished by the county, according to Carl Wages, commissioner.