It takes a lot of fuel to run Pontotoc County equipment each week, so every penny saved from the oil companies’ weekly bidding process is money earned by the county.

That’s what usually happens. 

Not so on Monday when the county commissioners accepted the second lowest bid.

Fentress Oil turned in the low bid Monday morning but then discovered the price of oil had gone up late Friday afternoon.

Manager Bo Sanford said he missed the price hike from the refinery when he called the county clerk’s office about his bid. 

He had submitted a bid 6 cents per-gallon lower on the product he normally  sells to Pontotoc County than runner-up Hooten Oil Company of Seminole.

“There’s usually just two or three cents difference in the bids,” Sanford said. When he saw the difference, he realized he had missed something.

Minutes after his original bid, Sanford had agreed to honor three purchase orders from two of the county’s districts. At the same time, he told county officials he would then have to either withdraw this week’s bid, or submit another.

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