ADA — An attempt to de-annex a tract of land north of the Pontotoc County Agri-Plex for the new county jail was voted down Monday night at the Ada City Council meeting.

The Council voted against the measure, 3-2, despite arguments Pontotoc County representative Ken Johnson made about getting the jail built.

“Every month that goes by and we don’t [get started] on that jail, it costs us a half, to one percent increase in inflation in construction costs,” he said. “All that does is cost the county, because the county has to pay for it with their sales tax.”

Chickasaw Nation officials protested the de-annexation, because the new jail would be across the street from their offices on North Broadway.

“The basis of our protest was a couple of weeks ago, we were given a notice that there would be a rezoning,” Wayne King, director of tribal government for the Chickasaw Nation said. “I’m sure like all our neighbors that surround our property, they were given the same notice. We were extremely alarmed that we may not actually have that opportunity to present our case to the planning and zoning commission.”

King said building the jail on that particular site would hamper their future plans of business.

“The Chickasaw Nation has purchased several pieces of property on North Broadway, and our long range plan is to develop those for the Chickasaw Nation and it will hopefully benefit the community at large,” he said. “One of the biggest projects that we have on board and we’ve almost completed the drawings of, is a brand new child care facility, which would be located just three or four blocks away from this facility. At any given time, we may have 300 to 400 of our children out in that area and that’s what created a concern for the Chickasaw Nation. We also have some additional plans for a little further north that would benefit the community.”

Johnson said county officials met with the governor of the Chickasaw Nation previously and he had no qualms about the building site then.

“When we started this project, myself, Winford Wood and Steven Crawford went and had a meeting with Governor Anoatubby,” he said. “At that point in time, this very site was one of the sites that was being considered. We discussed that with him and his administrator of government affairs and nothing was said in that meeting about that location.

“This is a critical issue; an issue that’s going to be embarrassing to this county, by the reason of we go out and pass a package to build a jail and we can’t even decide where it will go in time to avoid having a jail close and being fined at the rate we’re threatened with.”

In other Ada City Council news, the discussion of action on the residential subdivision to be known as Silverstone Addition was once again tabled. The vote was initially tabled in the May 21 meeting and will now be reviewed at the July 2 meeting.

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