By Renee' Rackley

Staff writer

ADA — Among several items on Monday evening's busy city council agenda, a unanimous vote authorized the acceptance of a firefighters grant that will provide Ada crews with more than $150,000 worth of new equipment.

Before discussing Monday's agenda, Mayor Donna York welcomed Latta Government teacher Steve Stevens and his high school students to the city meeting.

Council voted to accept a 2006 Assistance to Firefighters Grant in the amount of $165,235, from the Department of Homeland Security and the Office of Domestic Preparedness. The city would be required to match funds in the amount of $8,696.

Ada Fire Chief Marion Harris said items including self-contained breathing apparatus, a compressor system, portable radios, radio microphones, and a thermal imaging camera would be purchased, among other equipment, with grant funds.

"It's a really good deal when you can get a 95 to five match," Councilperson Barbara Young said.

"We really appreciate your work on this," York told Harris.

Council voted to approve an ordinance amending the city's Code of Ordinances by adding a new section that would require a key lock box on the exterior of certain structures for rapid entry by the fire department. The amendment would designate the types of structures for which a key lock box is required and would provide a grace period for existing structures. The amendment would also provide the Fire Marshal the authority to designate the type of key lock box to be used and to implement rules and regulations.

"Our priority is to catch the new construction coming into the city of Ada," Harris said. "It would really improve the system and make it much safer."

Harris said the cost for the retention box would fall between $200 and $300. Harris said the Fire Marshal would assess existing businesses on a case by case basis to determine the need.

Council also voted to approve an amendment to the city's Code of Ordinances pertaining to handicapped parking. The amendment would provide regulations, penalties, and towing procedures.

"The current regulations are unclear, this would clarify that," City Manager David Hathcoat said.

"What the public needs to know is, don't park on the stripes in the handicapped spots. You have a fine, towing fees, court costs - it could be pretty expensive," Young said.

The current fine is $150 but Hathcoat explained the city is looking to increase that.

Council approved a resolution authorizing the city to enter into a contract with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation for traffic signal improvements and Americans with Disabilities Act improvements at the intersection of State Highway 99 (Mississippi Avenue) and Main Street. The resolution would require ODOT to fund 80 percent of the project which is estimated to cost $279,000 in total.

Council authorized a Revocable Communications Cable Permit in favor of Vision Bank to extend a fiber optic cable across Broadway. An initial fee of $500 would be charged and $100 annually thereafter.

A representative of Horn and Co., the city's auditing firm, addressed council to report annual audit results for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2005. According to the representative, "The audit went very well, it was a clean audit."

A representative of Honeywell provided council a presentation of a proposed city utilities assessment.

During the Public Works Authority segment, council voted to approve an agreement with Fab-Seal Industrial Liners, Inc., of Shawnee, for the construction of the Five- Million Gallon Water Tank Rehabilitation Project.

The project would include concrete repair and new lining for the existing tank. The pre-fabricated PVC membrane liner is said to have a 30-year life-span and will cost $659,860. The costs will be paid from the Water Plant Budget, Hathcoat said.

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