ADA - In a community forum recently initiated online at, several current and former Ada residents posted concerns over the current appearance of the city. Comments ranged from concern over trash in private yards to abandoned vehicles to unpainted curbs.

One volunteer committee, called the Beautification Committee of the Ada Area Chamber of Commerce, is working to improve the issues those recent criticisms addressed.

Jenny Cypert, a committee volunteer, said the committee was formed "to better motivate people to abide by city ordinances."

"We have grandiose ideas of things we would like to accomplish," Cypert said.

"The city does all it can but relies on citizens to call problems to our attention," said Mark Bratcher, Ada Public Information Officer.

According to Bratcher, the code enforcement department operates on a case by case basis, primarily on citizen complaints. "There is a process whereby a property can be reported to code enforcement," Bratcher said.

Once a complaint is made, it is referred to the responsible city department, Bratcher said. Next an investigation is initiated to determine if a property is in code violation. If a code violation is discovered the property owner is allowed several opportunities to rectify the situation, he said.

"Not everyone has the same perspective. We have to be reasonable and we have to follow the code very closely," Bratcher said.

Cypert said the Chamber committee wants to work under the current guidelines outlined by city ordinances and alongside city officials.

"Unfortunately, we don't all follow our city ordinances," Cypert said. "We welcome anyone who would like to come to the meetings."

Cypert can be contacted at 310-2245 for more information on the committee or upcoming meeting times.

"We feel like this is an ongoing project so we can continue to beautify the city," Cypert said.