By Justin Lofton

Staff Writer

ADA—Pontotoc County commissioners voted Monday to discontinue the practice of blasting rock when digging graves.

“We had an incident,” Winford Wood, District 3 commissioner, said.  “We have to use dynamite and it’s not the first time we’ve (used dynamite).”  He said when blasting rock on a grave, another grave was damaged and the county was sued.  He said the county’s insurance company covered the damage but would no longer be covering that type of damage.

Wood said digging graves is not a mandatory task performed by the county.

“I think it’s a good service we do for the public,” Gary Starns, District 1 commissioner, said.

Commissioners voted to continue digging graves but not when it involves digging through rock.

Commissioners also awarded a bid for $374,256 for water system improvements to Crane Excavating, Inc.  The improvements are for radio head meters for Rural Water District 7.  The project is a Community Development Block Grant Water Project.

Commissioners also voted to let bids for a Rural Energy for America Program grant for a building expansion for Happyland Volunteer Fire Department.

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