Pontotoc County commissioners voted to let a bid for six-month-bids at a Monday morning meeting.

Pam Walker, county clerk, said six-month-bids are bi-annual bids for consumable inventory used by the county barns.  

She said consumable inventory included chips, oil and other items used for road repair.

Commissioners voted to also let a bid for repairs at the Agri-plex’s outdoor arena.

Commissioners also expressed concern about getting drug tests in for potential employees in a timely manner.

Gary Starns, District 1 commissioner, said John Christian, county sheriff, wasn’t able to get timely results of a drug test for a prospective employee.

“We were having a little trouble getting results,” Christian said.  

“I was in a bind.  I had to get people hired and couldn’t find results.  Nobody could tell us where (the results) were.”  He said he was unable to obtain results for nearly a week.

Dewayne Reed of Saber Transportation, the company that performs the county’s drug testing, said results weren’t normally delayed but law prevented his company from telling employers if further tests or reviews had to be done.

“Those situations can end up taking four or five days.  That is a confidential matter between the medical review officer and that donor,” Reed said.

Reed said he understood the timely nature of the tests and said he would try to find out what occurred to delay the tests.

“I understand your frustrations and concerns,” he said.  “That’s not normal procedure.  I’ll find out what happened and let you know.”

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