If I had a choice in the matter — if the force behind the creation of the universe asked me, “When do you want to be born?” I probably would have said, “The year 2100 or 2200.”

As technology accelerates, the distant future becomes closer and closer to grasp. And yet, it still lies far away. Do humans have a base on the moon? No. (Barring some secret space program, at least.) Have humans stepped foot on Mars? Again, no.

As a dreamer — as someone who so badly wants the future to be now ... as someone who wants to sail beyond Sol and betwixt the many suns of the Milky Way — it is incredibly, utterly frustrating that we humans are still stuck on Earth. I don’t want to accept the way our world is now. The way our galaxy is now.

Despite all the conflicts in the world, I still believe it is our destiny to explore the cosmos and conquer the stars.

But, baby steps first.

What does the future of the solar system hold in my dream universe? Well ...

• Bases and refueling stations on the moon.

• A planetary society on Mars. In other words, cities, a network of high-speed rails and bridges, ferrying Martian humans — and visitors from Earth — here and there between domed cities, until we can make Mars’ atmosphere completely safe for humans.

• Hotels and viewing platforms orbiting some of the most scenic places in the solar system. Can you imagine staying in a hotel orbiting the sun ... one protected by special solar paneling and constructed to withstand solar winds and other radiation, of course. How about a bed and breakfast in orbit around Jupiter? Wake up to see magnificent views of the swirling colors that spin around the planet, and perhaps even watch as the Great Red Spot crawls below! Wouldn’t that be something?

• A scientific base on Pluto. Yes, Pluto is extremely far away and very, very cold. Think about it, though — human footprints (bootprints) on an object of such an incredible distance away. Forget the moon — THIS would be one giant leap for mankind.

• The discovery of a ninth planet (not Pluto) in the solar system.

Bonus: I know this is cheating because it technically doesn’t involve our solar system, but confirmation of life flourishing on a few worlds in our galaxy. This could be through the James Webb Space Telescope, or something similar.

I could dream on and on all day, but there’s only so much room for my column!

What does your “future solar system” look like?