COALGATE — If you have ever had the urge to discover your roots, now is the time for Coal County residents. The Coal County Genealogy Society is publishing The History of Coal County, Volume II, as a special community project.

According to the genealogy society, the purpose of printing a second volume is to continue preserving the heritage of the families who have lived in Coal County and give those people who were missed in Volume I an opportunity to have their family histories published. The book will not only include the histories of the families of Coal County but also the communities’ churches’ and businesses’ stories as well.

Billie Rice, a member of the editorial staff of the society, encourages all families to get their stories published. “When an old person dies, you lose a library. If we don’t write them (family stories) down they are gone,” said Rice. To her this is the easiest way to “preserve a little bit of history.”

Volume I was published in the 80s and the genealogy society realizes that a lot can happen in twenty years. History never stops and Coal County is ready for a refresher — any family within the county can have its family history published in the book for free. There is a two page limit, but families whose heritage is too rich for limits can purchase more space for $.50 per extra line.

The History of Coal County, Volume II, is scheduled to go to press Oct. 1. The book will be broken into sections such as the history of area: Veterans, Indians, families, transportation, legends/heros, tall tales, Amish communities, churches, cemeteries and more. “This book will be a time capsule for Coal County,” said Rice.

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