The vanoss HCE group met Dec. 12 in the Vanoss clubhouse for a monthly business meeting and gift exchange.

The meeting was called to order at 10:30 a..m. by club president Mary Hightower. The pledge of allegiance to the American Flag was led by Kathryn Floyd. A devotional was given by Ann Stevenson. She read an article written by a Hospice Physician. The story was about the doctor having car trouble, pulling into a service station just as a young woman with two very small children was in need of financial and emotional assistance. He was very helpful to them and as they were about to go on their way to live with her parents the physician was reminded of a Bible verse he knew well, Psalm 55:22.

Kathryn Floyd gave a timely reading entitled “Perspective.”

Jessie Welch read a poem about a soldier’s devotion to duty.

Roll Call of membership was answered by nine members. Each member explained a favorite Christmas tradition of their family.

Secretary, Jessie Welch, read the minutes of the Nov. 14 meeting. A financial report was given by Ann Stevensen treasurer. Both reports were approved as presented.

Reports: Mary Hightower told of the Pontotoc County OHCE Council meeting and Style Show that were held in Ada on Friday Dec. 7. Vanoss group was hostess for the luncheon. Two members, Ann Stevenson and Oma Waters decorated the meeting room and tables beautifully. Vanoss had 11 members attend and eight members participated in the Style Show that preceded the lunch. The State OHCE project which will continue for three years will be Helping Military Families. Jessie Welch and Emmalen Allen were appointed as committee members to facilitate the county and local participation.

The meeting was adjourned until January 2008. A Christmas gift exchange followed the meeting and snacks and desserts were enjoyed by all.

Those present included: Mary Hightower, Jessie Welch, Nina Tiffin, Estaline Waters, Jean Beth Martin, Martha Miller, Ann Stevenson, Kathryn Floyd and Patsy Coffey.

Tanti History Dept.

discusses Christmas

The History Department of the Tanti Study Club met on Monday Dec. 3 at 2 p.m. in the home of Ann Barton. Others in attendance were Peggy Bagley, Vivian Blake, Mary Ann Briggs, Dorothy Escamilla, Betty Mitchell, Sara Pritchett and Ruth wills. Members brought items to be taken to the Family Crisis Center.

Vice President Peggy Bagley called the meeting to order and Dorothy Escamilla led the group in the collect. Minutes of the Nov. 5 meeting were read and approved.

Betty Mitchell presented the program on the History of Christmas touching on the origin of the many aspects and traditions of Christmas as we celebrate it today. Members also enjoyed working on a couple of Christmas Carol Quizes and Betty ended her program.

Following the program, refreshments were served to the group. The January meeting will be on Jan. 7, 2008 with Verna Rice as hostess and Mary Ann Briggs presenting the program.

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