Fine Arts

ADA — Fine Arts Department of Tanti Study Club met in the home of Hostess Norma Underhill with 15 members present on Sept. 11.  It was the beginning meeting for the group and Sammie Edwards precided over the meeting in the absence of the president, Sandra Haney.

Everyone took salads and were served a sit-down dinner.

The October meeting was held in the home of Treva Gurley, with Z.D. Parker acting as co-hostess.  The program for the evening was a presentation of Gurley showing the quilts she had made over the last few years. 

Members attending the meeting were Jane Adair, Sue Asklund, Pat Bonar, Sammy Edwards, Paula Green, Treva Gurley, Sandra Haney, Anita Miller, Audrey Moore, Z. D. Parker, Martha Sweatt, and Norma Underhill.  Rosa Hendrix came as Gurley's invited guest.

Wednesday Music

Wednesday Morning Music Club met Oct. 3 at the Ada Arts and Heritage Center. Hostesses Norma Millsap, Lenea Wilsher, and Zenobia Pettett served brunch to members and guests. President Jane Muntz introduced Victoria Davison, composer of sacred music, and her collaborator, Rudy Lupinski, adjunct professor of music at East Central University. They explained how they create anthems for soloists, choirs and orchestras.

Davison credits Bob Parr, her mentor, with helping her develop the ability to compose music. Davison's inspirations come from the Bible or scenes from nature, such as the rainbow. She shares her original musical themes with Lupinski, who uses the piano and a special computer program to add vocal harmony or instrumental arrangements. Then the two musicians work together to perfect the final piece before presenting it to other musicians and audiences.

Davison introduced two East Central University music students who performed anthems, accompanied by Lupinski on piano. Contralto, LaHanna Ladd, a senior from Tishomingo, sang "God Will Wipe Every Tear From Our Eyes," from Revelations 21: 4. Baritone, Jim Gordon, a sophomore from Tunnel Hill, Georgia, sang "Come, Dwell in My Love," Jesus's commandment to His disciples in John 15.

Using recorded selections, Lupinski demonstrated how he and Davison elaborated and revised the original melody of "Behold, I Set My Rainbow in the Clouds" for a SATB choir, accompanied by keyboard and flute. Davison announced that “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem,” an anthem for organ and choir, will be performed in 2008 at the International Peace of the Tabernacle Festival in Israel.

To date, Davison has completed forty-four musical works and eighteen additional selections in collaboration with Lupinski. She also has forty-nine new works-in-progress. CDs of sixteen inspirational songs, performed by the East Central University Chorale, under the direction of Dr. Steven Walker, are available from Davison or Lupinski.

Following the program, President Muntz announced that Dr. Guy Logsdon, Tulsa, will present “Oklahoma’s Musical Heritage” at the November meeting. Members and guests who attended the October meeting were Jane Johnston, Lorene Fuller, Mary Jean Mayhue, LaHanna Ladd, Tori Davison, Ruth Parkhurst, Zenobia Pettett, Norma Millsap, Sue Asklund, Vedo Mayhall, Jim Gordon, Jane Muntz, Lenea Willsher, Martha Rhynes, Bettye Brown, Patsy Beasley, Barbara Arrington, Robert Muntz, Dorothy Escamilla, Margaret Garber, Monica Stittsworth, Ann Woolley, Tom Willsher, Katherine Roberts, Mary Jo Schoepflin, Charlotte Oxford, Loretta Yin, Mary Ann Briggs, Rita Troska, Vivian Kampbell, Mary Gurley, Nancy Gonzalez, Mary Keywood Deese, and Dania Deschamps Braly.

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