OKLAHOMA CITY — Members of the Council of Law Enforcement Education and Training met Thursday for the first time after the opening of the new K.O. Rayburn Training Center and recognized the contributions of two Oklahoma Senators. "Senator (Kenneth) Corn and Senator (Susan) Paddack have been just wonderful to work with," stated Council Chair Clayton Johnson, Chief of the Ponca City Police Department.

CLEET is currently holding its first class in the new training center with 102 cadets from across the state. Johnson recognized the assistance of both Senators as being instrumental in the opening of the new class. Johnson acknowledged that the support of the Senators expedited the move from the Lester Training Center in Oklahoma City to the Rayburn Center in Ada.

"I think it would be appropriate as a council to recognize and appreciate their support," Johnson told council members. The eight council members voted unanimously to approve the motion.

Senators Corn and Paddack have actively pursued options resulting in the furnishings for and equipment of the new facility

The first basic academy class will graduate on Nov. 17 after a nine-week academy. In showing continued support for the agency, Senator Paddack will serve as the speaker for the graduation ceremonies.

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