Ada native and country music star Blake Shelton will be appearing on NBC’s “Clash of the Choirs” which will air live on Monday, Dec. 17 - Thursday, Dec. 20, at 7 p.m. Monday and Wednesday’s programs will last two hours.

“I got a call from NBC about two months ago,” Shelton said. “They said, ‘We want you to go back to your hometown and put together a choir of 20 people, have them rehearse, and then we will fly you all to New York City to compete live against other choirs put together by Michael Bolton, Patti Labelle, Nick Lachey and Kelly Rowland.

“As we were starting the process we thought it’d be great to do it from just the Ada area, but we didn’t think we could get the amount of people needed to audition. So that is why it was decided to move it up to Oklahoma City,” Shelton said.

“We wanted to get the largest group of people possible to chose from because it’s important for me to win this thing. All the money we win goes back to the state of Oklahoma to benefit Project Rebuild and the military.”

With the auditions moved to Oklahoma City and the auditions basically opened up state-wide, Shelton still managed to find a choir member from Ada.

“I wanted to find the best possible singers I could and I did end up finding a singer from Ada, Megan Roberts. She informed me when she walked into the audition that her dad was one of my teachers in high school. I remember him clearly.

“That makes two of us that are from Ada. I think it’s awesome that Ada is represented. I know there are a lot of good singers that come from Ada and still live there. Megan’s a good representative. It was one thing for her to have the story she walked in with about Mr. Roberts, but that really didn’t get her any special treatment. It wasn’t until she started to sing that I knew she was going to be in the choir. She is just extremely talented,” Shelton said.

Shelton seems unconcerned about the competition he and the Oklahoma choir will be facing from the other choirs.

“Between Michael Bolton, Patti Labelle, and Nick Lachey - they’re all legendary artist, but honestly it doesn’t matter how they sound and what they sing. I don’t have time to worry about them. I’ll put my singers, including Megan, up against any singers that they have in their choirs. It’s going to be fun but competitive.”

Two of the Oklahoma choir members are enlisted in the Army and stationed at Fort Sill in Lawton. They are part of the reason that if Shelton’s choir wins, some of the proceeds will go to a fund for military families. The other portion will go to Project Rebuild which Shelton has been a major supporter of in the past.

“The money raised from the Raindance concerts that I do in Ada is turned over to Project Rebuild to help Oklahomans during natural disasters,” said Shelton. “It’s just always been something that has been important to me. As a kid I can remember when tornados would come through and people would lose everything. There is always some people that fall between the cracks and don’t get the help they need and that is where Project Rebuild comes in.”

Raindance has been held in Ada the past two years, but Shelton said he is considering moving the concert to some place like Oklahoma City.

“I’m kind of on the fence about holding Raindance in Ada. On one hand it’s my hometown, but the concert will always be limited there and I want it to grow. Last year our ticket sales weren’t as much as the first year we did it. I think a reason for that is we might need to move the concert to a bigger area where more people can come because it is more centrally located, like Oklahoma City. I certainly want to continue to do it, but as of right now we don’t have any dates set or have decided where we want to hold the concert,” Shelton said.

Once “Clash of the Choirs” is over Shelton said his upcoming plans include releasing a new single after the first of the year and to continue to tour in support of his latest CD.

“At this point in my career I’m just having fun with it and just seeing what comes my way. I love music and that’s what I always want to do one way or another.”

As for “Clash of the Choirs” Shelton said that it is an honor to represent Oklahoma and wants everybody to vote during the show.

“Please, everybody - all Adans must vote for the Oklahoma Choir on Dec. 17. I know who you are,” said Shelton, “and I’ll come looking for you if you don’t vote.”In “Clash of the Choirs” there were five states chosen to be represented and Oklahoma was one of them. The five celebrities all returned to their hometown/state to hold auditions in order to select individuals for their choir. The Oklahoma choir will be competing against choirs from Cincinnati, Ohio; Philadelphia, Pa.; New Haven, Conn.; and Houston, Texas.

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