ADA – Prolonged drought conditions and intense heat have forced the city of Ada to implement a water restriction plan, effective immediately and until further notice.

Residents, businesses, and all other organizations are asked to cooperate with the water restriction plan so that further restrictions will not be necessary, said Mark Bratcher, Ada's public information officer.

Following are terms of the water restriction plan:

1. Lawn watering shall be restricted on an odd/even basis depending on the last digit of the street address. If your address ends in an even-numbered digit, then you should only water your lawn on even-numbered days of the month. If your address ends in an odd-numbered digit, then you should only water your lawn on odd-numbered days of the month.

2. Filling or adding water to your swimming pool may only occur on your designated lawn-watering days.

3. Likewise, residents are asked to limit washing of vehicles to their designated lawn-watering days.

4. Hand-held watering of trees, shrubs, and other plants is permitted at any time.

The restrictions on water use contained in this plan shall be in effect for all persons using water provided by the city of Ada, including customers outside city limits as well as customers of rural water districts.

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