ADA — Mayor Donna York presented awards for 20 years or more service to four city employees Tuesday evening at the City Council's meeting.

York presented the Oklahoma Municipal League Honor Roll of Service awards to Alvin Files, Harold Kinstner, Jacky Magar and Kim Wood.

York said Files began working for the city in 1970 and became Ada's City Attorney in 1994. Kinstner and Woods both began their career with Ada in Ada in 1980, Magar in 1983.

Council made appointments to the Board of Zoning Adjustment with Bob Neman, Dexter Pruitt and James Kemp re-appointed for another term. James Trease was also appointed to a term until Sept. 2008.

Council voted unanimously to accept a Homeland Security Grant in the amount of $44,000. City Manager David Hathcoat said this was awarded to the city and is a 100 percent reimbursement grant, which means it will be at no cost to the city.

"We really appreciate all of the work that goes into these grants," York said.

During the meeting Hathcoat announced due to unforeseen issues the new recycling center did not open according to plan but will be open for business this week.

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