ADA — The city of Ada has been hit with a minor wave of vandalism in recent weeks. Words spray painted on vehicles and other various forms of defacement of property have been popping up in scattered areas in and around the city.

Ada Firefighter Mitch Turpin has experienced two incidents at his residence recently.

Someone placed three “for sale” signs in his yard, tossed beer cans around, toilet papered his trees and smashed a couple of pumpkins.

“I think it was random, probably by kids,” said Turpin.

Lahoma Young found her vehicle spray painted recently. “Not only did they spray the entire side of the car, they sprayed the wheels and taped a syringe to the underside of the door handle.”

This month Ada Police officers investigated a neighborhood where vandals had left writing on several vehicle windows. “Kiss me, I am a racist” was in green shoe polish or window marker on one window and a right rear window had “PETA rocks” in white shoe polish written on it. Just doors away two vehicles had “Minorities scare me” in white polish on the left rear window and the other had the word “Shamoe” and the Star of David on the right passenger window in green shoe polish. Five more addresses in that neighborhood had various phrases written on vehicle windows, according to police reports.

Pranks of this type are illegal and the city is posting extra patrol units to neighborhoods where vandalism has been reported.