By Justin Lofton

Staff Writer

ADA—Ada City Council members voted Monday night to accept a contract with Texas Road Recyclers for mix design for a new asphalt production plant.

The contract is for $20,000 and will be incurred from Proposition 1 money.

Councilors appointed Terry Scott to Ada Metropolitan Area Planning and Zoning Commission.

The appointment was made to fill the vacant spot on the commission left by the retirement of James Treas.

“I knew James had been wanting to get off Planning and Zoning for some time,” Ada Mayor Darrell Nemecek said.  “I spoke to Terry Scott.  He seems eager and would like to work for the betterment of the city.”

Nemecek recommended Scott for the position and council unanimously voted to appoint him.  Scott’s term will expire in May 2011.

Councilors also voted to set dates for city council filing and elections for wards one, three and the at-large seat.  Filing for the seats will open at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2011, and will close at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 3, 2011.

David Hathcoat, city manager, said the primary election would take place Tuesday, March 1, 2011, and a general election — if needed — would be Tuesday, April 5, 2011.

Members of the council discussed reducing abatement liens on 12th Street property purchased by Ambrosio and Tammy Gutierrez. Tammy Gutierrez said the liens were put on the property prior to her ownership of it. She said they knew about the fees but would like them reduced or a longer period to pay the fees because the county will put the property up for sale in June if the liens are not paid.

“We plan on making our home there,” Gutierrez said.

Several council members said their primary concern was ensuring the property was properly kept up.

“You’d hate for abatements placed on a prior owner to be placed on someone who is trying to increase the value of the property. I think we’re probably all in agreement on that,” Councilor Matt Layton said.

As the abatement liens were made known to the purchasers of the property, however, councilors didn’t want to wipe out the abatement liens completely.

“We incurred the cost on the maintenance of the property,” Roger Cupps, councilor, said. “I would never be in favor of wiping out a debt.”  Cupps said he wouldn’t be against a reduction of the fees to improve the neighborhood, however.

Hathcoat said the county would probably not put the property up for sale in June if taxes on the property were paid and the full abatement liens would likely have no effect on that decision.

Council voted to table the item until Hathcoat could find out for certain whether or not the abatement liens would affect that decision.

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