The Ada Police Department Critical Incident Response Team, or CIRT, formerly known as SWAT, received a $1,000 donation from Citizens Bank recently and a $100 donation from DOCS Valero, and will put it to good use immediately.

Ada Police Detective Tracy Jackson said CIRT is a unit of the Ada Police Department that specifically trains for dangerous operations. CIRT responds to situations such as performing hostage rescue and/or armed intervention, serving high-risk warrants, drug lab locations, terrorist attacks as well as natural disasters like floods and tornados.

CIRT consists of 14 highly trained officers from Ada police and Ada police reserves. CIRT trains monthly for unique situations and has trained in most local banks, schools, and several local businesses in the Ada area.

The city of Ada has made several purchases for CIRT totaling $28,800, but the team is in need of more funding to carry out their mission.

“Donations are always accepted and very appreciated,” Jackson said.

Right now, CIRT officers are in need of pouches for their body armor which include: thigh holsters, duty belts, radio pouches, medical pouches, cuff cases, flash bang pouches, pistol magazine pouches, shotgun ammo pouches, rifle ammo pouches. These items cost approximately $375 per team member. CIRT is asking for help obtaining these items. The items will be used to be more responsive to the needs of the community in case of emergencies and natural disasters.

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