Several businesses and organizations will be hosting the second annual Ada Area Christmas Feast at the Pontotoc County Agri-plex from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. Dec. 17. During the festivity, local residents can enjoy a free meal, along with live entertainment and a chance to win prizes.

According to Jay Keel, division administrator of the Chickasaw Nation Division of Youth and Family Services, local businesses modeled this gathering after a Thanksgiving event presented by East Central University Human Resources Club. The idea is to provide both a Christmas meal and holiday fellowship to those who may not have the ability to cater one for themselves.

Major employers in the Ada area are participating and contributing to the event. Valley View Regional Hospital, the Chickasaw Nation and area banks and churches have had a hand in creating the affair, along with other businesses throughout the community, who have either donated door prizes or helped staff the event.

“We are very proud to say that Ada area businesses have been very supportive of this event,” Keel said. “The planning committee is comprised of several different representatives from area businesses.”

Live entertainment will also be on hand. Judy McLellan is serving as the entertainment chairperson and has booked local talent to perform various Christmas carols. The Chickasaw Nation princesses will also be performing.

During the three-hour celebration, door prizes consisting of cash, gift cards and gift certificates will be given away.

“The door prizes are not being drawn for throughout the event because we have such a large crowd that we don’t want our guests to feel like they have to arrive exactly at 11 and stay until we close at 2,” Keel said.

“The prizes will be given away in an instant win fashion and people will know when they are given a ticket to enter whether or not they have won a prize.”

According to Keel, the Christmas feast planning committee was in charge of acquiring the prizes from businesses.

“We have simply approached those businesses in our area and explained what the event is and most have been extremely generous,” he said. “However, if we have missed a business and a request has not been made for a door prize, we would gratefully accept any donation someone might be willing to provide.”

For more information about the event or to make donations, phone Stacie Carroll at (580) 272-5508.


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