ADA — "Chickasaw Renaissance," the  follow up to the award-winning "Chickasaw Unconquered and Unconquerable," has been released by the Chickasaw Press and is available for purchase.

Written by Chickasaw author Phillip Carroll Morgan, the book is a combination of visual rhetoric and historical scholarship that takes readers through the changing seasons of Chickasaw history.

It features photographs of living Chickasaw culture and personalities, quiet streams and mysterious places, and photos drawn from deep within archival vaults.

"Chickasaw Renaissance" is the first published book-length history of the cultural and political resurgence of the Chickasaw Nation in the twentieth century. 

As in “Unconquered,” "Chickasaw Renaissance" features the photography of David G. Fitzgerald who spent an entire year shooting the vibrant photo essay that accompanies the text. 

Sources for the book include oral histories of living Chickasaw elders and archived private papers of Chickasaw leaders such as Douglas H. Johnston and counselors like “Alfalfa Bill” Murray. 

Morgan documents the experiences of ordinary Chickasaws as well as tribal leaders who lived the 20th century Chickasaw experience. The result gives readers the opportunity to view today’s Chickasaw Nation and its people with a new understanding of the tribe’s perseverance and vitality.

The author will be present for a book signing at the Chickasaw Cultural Center Saturday, June 12, in Sulphur.

Morgan is a full-time writer for the Chickasaw Press. He also authored “The Fork-in-the-Road Indian Poetry Store,” winner of the Native Writers Circle of the Americas First Book Award for Poetry, and co-authored “Reasoning Together: the Native Critics Collective.” He holds a Ph.D. in Native American Literature from the University of Oklahoma.

David G. Fitzgerald, currently specializing in photographing Native American tribes in Oklahoma, is the photographer for numerous periodicals and books, including “Oklahoma,” “Ozarks,” “Cherokee Trail of Tears,” “Oklahoma II and III,” and “Israel: Land of Promise.”

He is a three-time Oklahoma Photographer of the Year and was inducted into the Oklahoma Journalism Hall of Fame in 2005.

The Chickasaw Press, part of the Chickasaw Nation Division of History and Culture, publishes non-fiction books on Chickasaw history, traditions and culture.

"Chickasaw Renaissance” is available through the Chickasaw Press at

For more information, contact the Press at (580) 559-0547.


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