ADA — The Chickasaw Nation Legislative body passed General Resolution 24-042 Friday morning, allowing the Chickasaw Nation and the First Baptist Church of Ada to trade two lots within the 500 block of south Broadway.

In GR-24-045, the legislators approved two 4,579 square foot buildings to house a pool and locker rooms at new wellness centers that were recently constructed in Ardmore and Tishomingo. The additions to the wellness centers will cost approximately $1,685,000 each.

But after all resolutions were discussed and voted on, Chickasaw member James Humes had questions regarding legislators and their actions while in office.

“The incumbents in the elected positions in the Chickasaw Nation government have become like a [white] government,” Humes said. “It is set up to where no challengers can run for office due to costs, setting it up to make it very hard for anybody to run for a elected position at the Chickasaw Nation. That may not be your intent, but that is the reality of what has happened. I think it’s criminal that this is allowed to happen. No matter where or how or what economic status they have, they cannot run for an elected position in our own tribal government. And you have sat back and allowed it to happen. Shame on you.

“I just really feel let down. I have no representation in this [legislative] body. Everything is done behind closed doors and in secret meetings. You don’t listen to what people have to say, you don’t come out and visit the people and I think it’s criminal. You're making big bucks and you show up anywhere or go anywhere. You don't get out and talk to the average Chickasaw. The vast majority of Chickasaws live outside of the Chickasaw Nation boundaries. I am in touch with them and they are very upset that they have no voice. I don’t see any of you — well, at parties, yeah, if there’s food there, everyone just shows up, but to get there and talk to Chickasaws about what they feel about their government, you're not interested.”

When asked about Humes statements, Pontotoc District legislator Mary Jo Green had no comment.

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